Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yo!!!hahahahahaha!!!!i am almost literally jumping of the walls right now!!!!!hahahahahaha!!!
School ugh!!!!!!! there is this fight going on at my school right now and it is really getting on my nerves!!!! both groups expect me to take sides with them!!!!!! Middle school is dramaful!!!!!! the "MEAN GROUP" is 3 girls who are making fun of one of my other friends!!!!! they are calling her fat and ugly!!!! they are so mean to her!!! ok do you know the girl i talked about in my first post well her name is Amy and i used to be friends with her but then she turned out to be a completely horrible rude brat!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!! i decided that i am not going to get involed so yeh!!!!!! post a coment PLEASE and tell me what you think!!!!!!!got to go now post later...bye!!!hahaha!!!


Teapot Sue said...

I think homeschooling middle school is much less "dramaful." That is my opinion.

Thank you.

vickylovin horses said...

eyh. i think so too!!!!! crazy school!!haha!!