Friday, October 24, 2008

everything happening in my WOW life!!

Monday was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!! My mom's friend( I'm am starting to call her Darla,her real name, so i will say Darla for now on instead of my moms friend so be aware) took me to one of the ranches she works at. The guy there has like 20 cats,2 dogs,and probably about 16 donkeys!!! there was this one baby donkey, about 1 month old, that just loved me but not as much as Solomon does( I LOVE HIM!!!!The donkey that is named Solomon) His name was Hersey and what is funny is that he was about the exact same color as a hershey's chocolate bar and also his mother was named Choco so if you heard both their names you could probably tell that they are realated.He would charge at the dogs when they got about 3 feet infront of him and it made all of us lagh really hard( 3 feet to close for little Mr. Hershey)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaes!!! i am sooooo proud!! i got all A s on my report card for the quarter!!!!! IT IS GREEEEEEEEAT!!!!!!! last year i got one b- but no b s for this girl(yet.) my sister when she was little used to think that b s in school meant bad!!! That is great motovation even though it seems kindof harsh.
I am really comfused about all this politics stuff!!! it really has been hurting my brain when mom is watching the news!! All that i know is that my mom and dad want Macain to be president. I think that Obama is going to win( i want Macain of corse because my parents want him) because there was this thing on Nick(TV) that was called kids pick the president and on that Obama won so my hypothesis is that each kid probably picked who their parents wanted so... yeh. My head is hurting again because i am talking about this!! Okay new topic.
yay i am starting to learn espanol yep Spanish!!My Spanish teacher is really nice and i like her a lot!!! We are doing this activity when we( each student in my class) chose a Spanish name from a list she gave us and she calls us bye that name for the rest of the quarter( Spanish only lasts one quarter of the school year.)It is pretty fun i'd say. I chose the name Vanesa!! I love that name. it is sooooooooo pretty. i was choseing from the names Lucita,Ana,Isibella, or that but i decided that because it has the same letter as my real name so it will most likely help me remember.
okay i like song writing!!! i have made many songs but i haven't finished most of them yet!! here is one if you want to see what i sing about and if you think the song is good here it goes

i can feel you by my side
even though i can't see you with my eyes
i know you're there
somewhere in the air
i think we both can agree
you are something that i really need
stars of the sky
moon of the night
you are in all of those things in my life
every single time i am down you bring me up
such a great sound
the sound of my savior oh
i am grasping for air
you save me
you really do care
stars of the sky
moon of the night
you are in all of those things in my life
every day you save me
save me from the things that kill me most
you save me
save me from the bad future that i was about to host
i know you are there
somewhere in the air watching over me oh
okay that was my song that only took me about 30 min. ihope you liked it!!! tell me what you thought by posting a comment please!!!!!!!!


vickylovin horses said...

That is very pretty, Victoria (AKA, Veronica) (AKA means "also known as")


Teapot Sue said...

Wow, that song was great! I can never do that sort of stuff because I always have a song in my head. It's hard to write when you have a song in your head.

But about the political stuff. I am rooting for McCain because Obama is really bad. One of the reasons he is bad is this: Do you know what the United Nations are? Okay, so if you don't that's alright. It is just a group of countries that try to solve problems between warring countries. Kind of like a mom, you know? Anyway, Obama thinks that we should ask them before we defend ourselves. That is a HUGE problem because the UN is a group of countries that hate us and want us destroyed? Do you see the problem? I do!