Saturday, October 11, 2008


what up??!!! mwahaha.HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!haha!!! i know it is not Halloween yet, but i like typing about it soooooo...haha!! me and my friend are going to dress up as twin "80s"girls!!haha!!! i am going to wear my hair to the side in a high sideways ponytail. we are going to look so ridiculous, but it is going to be sooo fun!! REMEMBER ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE WEEEEEEEEIRD!!!!!!haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teapot Sue said...

Oh my goodness- me and my friend Tiffany are going as 80's girls, too! We had planned to wear our hair up the way you said, but the only thing different about our (yours and mine)costumes will be that I am going to have a t-shirt that says "I love the Cosby Show"!

vickylovin horses said...

that is so funny!!hahahaha!!lol!!i am an 80's girl with my friend Jenna!! you need to meet her she is even more crazy then i am!!haha!! my other friend Marie numbers me and my friends by how weird we are!!Jenna is weirdo#1 and i am weirdo#2!!!!it is really funny!!