Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HEEELLOO!!!! Monday was awesome!!! My mom's friend's(Told you about her in my other post)farm is awesome!!! She has one horse named Rain Cloud(he is kindof a draft horse/Appaloosa! So cute!!) and she also has two donkeys!! They are so cute!!!!! One donkey is named Simpson and he is a 2 year old male! he really like me and he kept following me around(i think he liked it when i softly scratched his head)I loved him!! i wish i could have him!!! Did you know that donkeys store their fat in their shoulder/neck area?? i didn't!!! i didn't get to ride Rain Cloud yet but i will next time!! Besides the horses my mom's friend also had 3 dogs and 3 cats!!! they are all so friendly and sweet!! she used to have a horse named Profit and he was a Appaloosa too! she showed him in dressage,halter classes,and jumping! he had a lot of ribbons!!! he went to horse heaven(sniffle!I'm sad!) about a month ago! i got to see the best picture of him too!! Well that's my story for today bye!!!!!!!!!!!


Teapot Sue said...

Eww. You had to say that little bit of info about the donkey fat. Yuck.

vickylovin horses said...

hahaha!!!! i think it is pretty weird too!!haha!!!