Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My Dog Natal giving me a doggy smile
Hi!!!Here is the first post of the happy horse and i can't think of anything to type!!!!Weeell i love horses as you can probably see by the title of my blog! I'm really weird as all my friends say all the time(HAHAHAHA) Well i can't blame them i am really weird( my friends are awesome)

I go to an awesome middle school in a pretty small town! Middle school can be really great sometimes(notice the sometimes in that. it can really stink too!!!!Ugh!!!)My favorite time in between my classes is break when i can go hang out with my friends and just talk(or we sometimes just goof of and be really weird!! again the word weird i am talking really weird me and all of my friends!!!) The lunches in the "FOOD PLACE" are usually horrible(YUCK!!!!) That's my school I do have someone who gets on my nerves(not going to mention her name sorry!) She is so annoying!!!!!!!! I recently told her i didn't want to be her friend anymore(YAH!!!!!!)That is all i am going to tell you about my middle school for now!

In my house i have the BEST doggy in the world(notice the huge BEST!!!) His name is Natal(it means Christmas) He is a German Shepherd mix with Lab!!! He is so cute!! I also have two Baby Bearded Dragons(Lizards!!They breathe fire !!!HAHAHAHA!!! Kidding!!) They are adorable!!! They both are about two inches long (not including their tails)We(We=my family)can't think of names for them so if you have a good name please post a comment!!!

Goodbye for now!!!!

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