Friday, February 20, 2009

Scholastic Bowl and other awesome school activities that you can join!

Scholastic Bowl. Have you ever heard of it??? Well if you have not here is a breif description of it and its pure AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Scholastic Bowl is for everyone and you don"t have to be a "brain" to join. Well there are meets which are usually held for school teams in emty classrooms or other extra rooms. In a meet there is a judge who asks pretty much random questions that you should try to learn by studying pretty much everything that you have in school. It is really fun going up against another team in a real meet. My school has two teams: the varsity team and the junior varsity team or JV( i prefer JV if you don"t mind)Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun!
Some other school activites that i partisipate in: chorus, band, newspaper, student counsole( we organize food drives, leaf raking, dances exc.)they are all great especially chorus! I love singing! In fact my grandfather( to Teapot Sue our grandfather lol) once was a opera singer! it is in my blood!! He sang the Barber of Suville! I luv it when he sings the main song for me!lol

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