Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas concert

Hi! last friday my school had their christmas concert and i got to play my clarinet, sing, and dance in choir and swing choir and band.There was this one song in band that we had only gotten once and everyone was scared that we wopuld stink at it and mess up really badf. We were not perfect but we did it and sounded great! In chior we sang about 5 songs and they were great. There was this one song that we did great at except we all hatted that song because it made us soud like we were in the 16 hundreds and danish! It stars like this: Good Morrow Good Morrow Yee dancers one and all. blechblech:( But the concert was succesful and amazing! I wore a dress and a santa hat!I have to go now my mom needs me to help with my brothers bye!:)

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